Select Documentary and Video Projects

We Don’t Play Golf Here(2008)
Camera, editor, co-filmmaker credit with Saul Landau.
Documentary focusing on globalization and environmental issues throughout Mexico.
Awards: Roxie Award for Best Activist Video, October 2008
Smogdance Film Festival Audience Award, April 2009
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Syria: Between Iraq and a Hard Place (2003)
Camera, editor, co-filmmaker credit with Saul Landau and Farrah Hassen.
Documentary covering politics in the Middle East along with historical, cultural, and women’s issues in Syria.
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Iraq: Voices from the Streets (2002)
Camera, editor, co-filmmaker credit with Saul Landau.
Documents a U.S. Congressional visit to Iraq in September 2002 amidst the impending war.
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Maquila: A Tale of Two Mexicos(2000)
Camera, Editor, co-filmmaker credit with Saul Landau.
Documentary exploring corporate globalization issues in Mexico as told by maquiladora officials, women factory workers and the EZLN’s Subcomandante Marcos.
Awards: WorldFest Houston Bronze Award for Short Subject Film and Video.
Cine Sin Fin- East Los Angeles Chicano/a Film Festival Award for Best Documentary.
Smogdance Film Festival Award for Best U.S. Made Spanish Language Film.
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Cuba Today: A Student Journey (2000)
Camera, Editor
Video journal documenting a student exchange trip to Havana, Cuba in June 2000.

Nader 2000
Camera, Editor
Presidential candidate Ralph Nader’s campaign spots for public television.
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East L.A. Classic Theater Public Service Announcement (2000)
Camera, Editor
For air on Los Angeles based ABC stations featuring actor Tony Plana.

Five Days in March(1999)
Documentary directed by Academy Award winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler featuring Cuban and American musicians at the Music Bridges Concert in Havana, Cuba in March 1999.
Camera credit for Who Needs Sleep(2006) A film by Haskell Wexler

The Hague Appeal for Peace(1999)
Documentary on a world affairs and disarmament conference held in The Hague, Netherlands featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Queen Noor of Jordan and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Same River Twice: A Telenovela(1998-2000)
Videographer, Screenwriter, Editor
Serial drama addressing social issues facing communities in suburban Los Angeles.
Episode 1 “Do It Pomona Style” won Inland California Filmmakers Award at Smogdance Film Festival 1999.
Episode 2 “Life Is Good” won Inland California Filmmakers Award at Smogdance Film Festival 2000.

Hot Talk with Saul Landau(1997-2003)
Technical Director, Editor
Weekly half-hour commentaries for Pacifica Radio and WorldLink TV.
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Life Ain’t No Crystal Stair(1999)
Camera, Editor
An 18-minute dramatic film designed to stimulate candid dialogue by exploring a wide range of stereotypes and misconceptions about different ethnic groups. Written by Renford Reese, produced by Saul Landau, directed by Martina Newberry and featuring actor Romany Malco.
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FutureWatch On-Air/On-line(1997-2000)
Reporter, Camera
Academic programming on health, science and technology.
Episode 120: Wearable Technology
Episode 124: Java
Episode 126: Millennium Jet