I am the Instructional Technologist at Whittier College. I work as part of Faculty Development to drive and inspire the effective and ethical integration of educational technology. I provide specialized instruction, advice, and guidance in the application of educational tools and techniques.

I build programming and projects that focus on digital pedagogy, media & digital literacy, and blended learning. The pandemic of 2020 has brought challenges to our traditional modes of delivering instruction but we have also found many opportunities to deliver high-quality and effective e-learning experiences.

I also teach digital storytelling to engage students in higher order thinking, deep learning, and to build digital literacy skills. My research and teaching interests include partnering with community-based groups to create learning spaces (physical and virtual) that provide opportunities for diverse populations to participate in digital media making projects like digital photo archives, story maps, multimodal storytelling & podcasts, and augmented reality tools.

Equity and inclusion are at the forefront of every digital initiative that we engage in. The ethos of reflection, education, and social change greatly influences the dynamic of our workshops and partner projects. Through creative and collaborative projects, participants are invested in a learning community that we have helped to build by contributing to digital platforms for the diverse populations that will use them to continue the cycle of life-long teaching and learning.

My background is in filmmaking and I have traveled to Mexico, Cuba, Syria and Iraq to make documentary films that show the plight of cultures trying to preserve their history while adapting to modernity.


schaidez@gmail.com (personal)
schaidez@whittier.edu (work)

Twitter: @soniachaidez